TOP 5 fantastic beasts that we would want as pets

  1. Niffler

Niffler is a sort of a small ball of fur that you can never leave alone. It is attracted to shiny things, that is why it is commonly used by treasure hunters. In real life, that can be a bit of a problem. With a couple of adjustments though, you can have this little creature at home. Just hide all of the spoons, golden earrings, coins and watches. If you don’t want to change up your whole apartment, just leave it in the garden. And what do you know, maybe it will find a treasure that you had no idea about.

  1. Demiguise

For chill people, the best pet is a demiguise. This calm creature is hard to catch, so it really has to want to live with you. It also has two awesome superpowers – invisibility and seeing into the future. As you can see, these powers make him practically elusive. However, if it is happy with you, you don’t even have to know about him thanks to the powers.

  1. Thunderbird

Thunderbird isn’t really a good pet for a city apartment, but if you have a farm or a huge property, it would be a great fit. This flying creature can make a storm with its magic. It is also quite sensitive to danger. So if your thunderbird has everything it needs, it could be a great companion. It is so popular in the wizarding world that one of the houses in the american school Ilvermorny is named after it, it is the house that Tina Goldstein was part of.

  1. Occamy

Occamy, on the other hand, is perfect for any apartment and house. It can easily shrink and enlarge based on the available space. You can carry it in the pocket to school or leave an entire room for it in your house. Be careful though, if it has eggs, it can be very aggressive. Eggs are made from pure silver, so they are wanted by poachers. And not only them! Gilderoy Lockhart planned a line of shampoo with the main ingredient – yolk from an occamy egg. Getting the eggs was very dangerous, so Gilderoy had to keep publishing books.

  1. Bowtruckle

And the best of the best is a bowtruckle. Bowtruckles look like green twigs resembling a figure. They are super small, and they fit into a breast pocket. In the apartment, they can live among your plants or on the balcony. Be careful so they don’t fall down, they are hard to find in nature. Pickett, a bowtruckle that Newt Scamander has in the Fantastic Beasts movies, is a favourite creature from his actor Eddie Redmanye. It is our favourite as well, that is why he got first place.

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